Farm to Table, No Bull.

Buy your meat from Trinity Angus based in Brackney, PA

Not all beef is created equal. It takes a lot of hard work and consideration to raise Angus beef cattle that produce superior cuts of meat. At Trinity Angus, we use open pastures, good nutrition and careful breeding methods, resulting in well-marbled and delicious meat products. We're the ideal place to get fresh wholesale ground beef and other cuts of meat that'll add a hearty and flavorful element to any meal.

Once you buy your wholesale ground beef from us, you won't want to get meat from a regular grocery store again. Our local farm is passionate about providing premium products to your family or restaurant, so you can count on us for all your meat product needs. We proudly serve Northeastern PA and Southern Tier NY. Learn more about our wholesale beef now by calling 570-840-7376.

Raise a superior cattle herd

Farming cattle is much easier when you start with strong cows and desirable genetics. We have the cattle characteristics you need to create an amazing herd of Angus beef cattle. When you're ready to improve your cattle farm, you should ask about our:


We raise our cows to be healthy and fertile, so they'll make the perfect addition to your herd. Call us now at 570-840-7376 to set up a meeting to view our pasture.